Announcing the 2014 Holiday Giveaway Winners

Congrats Wooden Letterpress Concept


Welcome, and happy Friday! The long awaited moment has come — it’s time to reveal the winner of my 2014 Holiday Giveaway. First, let’s do a quick refresh of what that particular giveaway was, shall we? 😉

One lucky person is walking away with the following:

  • A comprehensive, top-to-bottom, full manuscript edit (structural & line edits)
  • A polished, publish-ready eBook cover design (generously donated by Ashley Ruggirello of Cardboard Monet)
  • Assistance creating the all-important book blurb
  • A final proofread of the type-set, ready-for-print galley (typesetting/formatting itself is not included though)

And, because that’s not enough, I have a last minute, and exceedingly generous, donation to add to that list from REUTS Publications Marketing Director and author of the upcoming debut Link, (Book 1 in The Shadow of Light Trilogy) Summer Wier. That lucky winner will now also receive marketing assistance — including a marketing plan, a book trailer, and teasers. Everything a self-published author needs to help their release day make a splash. Are you floored by the generosity yet? That’s essentially everything you could ever need (except for layout), FOR FREE. Someone’s day is about to get a whole lot better, I think.

So . . . who is this lucky soul everyone is going to hate? Well, ladies and gentlemen, after much consideration (remember, I was looking for the person I felt would most benefit from a package like this, not necessarily the most polished — and let me tell you, you all had some amazing entries, making my job a billion times harder), the winner of my 2014 Holiday Giveaway is:


The Grave Clothes Laundress by Talynn Lynn

Let’s all give her a round of applause! Come on, I know you can do it. 😉

BUT, because you all impressed me so much, there’s more! If you ran away in disappointment, you’re likely to regret that choice in a minute, because I’ve decided to give six — yes SIX — people surprise runner-up prizes. It’s not as spectacular as the grand prize, perhaps, but hopefully will provide some value. I’m offering these winners a free Reader Report, which is an analysis of the full story from the point of view of an acquisitions/developmental editor. It doesn’t provide line edits, but I can tell you areas that could possibly improve your work and potentially land that elusive book contract. (And, for those that like to know the dollar amounts, it usually costs $200-500.) That’s not too shabby, right?

The lucky winners of these prizes are:

The Portal by Emily Pichardo

Embers by Kiran Oliver

Identity Crisis by Susan Nystoriak

Hello World by Tiffany Rose and Alex Tauber

Beyond the Wild by Kelsey Simon

Between Realities by Crystal Christie

And there you have it. I wish I could have given all the entries a prize, but my schedule just wouldn’t allow it. I truly enjoyed reading all of them though, and urge you to continue your paths to publication. You are all talented writers, and you’ll find success. It’s only a matter of time. (In fact, for those of you who also submitted to a certain small press I represent, you may be hearing good news of a different variety in the very near future.) Thank you all for your support of the giveaway! It was a monstrous success, which means I’ll likely do it again at some point. But for now, I’m off to another weekend in the editing cave. If I listed your name, expect to hear from me this next week with more information on your prize.

Until next time! 🙂

Holiday Giveaway Round One Winners!

Welcome back, everyone. And Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic, safe, joyous holiday season. 🙂

Traditionally (because more than one year of doing something makes it a tradition, right?), this would be the week when I detail my writing-related resolutions for 2015, and compare my successes (and/or failures) against the list from 2014. But the truth is, I haven’t made any resolutions yet. Shocking, I know. So we’re going to postpone that for another week and get right down to the thing you’re all waiting with bated breath for — the winners of the holiday giveaway. Well, Round One, anyway.

All total, I received 525 entries, making it by far the most successful one I’ve done to date, thanks in part to the generous donation of a custom cover design from Cardboard Monet’s Ashley Ruggirello, and the fact that this really is a pretty cool prize. If it weren’t my giveaway, and I had something that was actually finished, I would have entered! But, since it is my giveaway, that obviously isn’t allowed. It’s not as much fun as helping someone else if I keep the prize for myself. 😉

So, as I’m sure you recall, there are two rounds to this particular giveaway. The first, which ended last night at midnight, required contestants to enter via a variety of ways listed on the Rafflecopter widget. The second will be different. But, before I tell you exactly what that means, let’s find out who those lucky Round Two participants are.

The Round One Victors

Anne Tilney

Tammy Walsh

Catherine Oliver

Magali Frachette

Tiffany Treichel

Danielle Roy

Susan Nystoriak

Kelly DeVos

Anna Patrick

Amanda Tatman Carney

Teressa Aune Ewing

Mary Ellen Wall

Nicole Tone

Erin Deeds Beaty

Emily Pichardo

Kelsey Simon

Kelly Heinen

Stacie Hanson


Crystal Christie

Mary Liles Eicher


Katherine Pisana

Priya Kanaparti

Thank you all so much for entering, and congratulations on surviving the first round of cuts! 🙂

The fun’s not over though. Now we get to the real meat of the competition — Round Two. If your name is on that list above, I’ll need you to submit a query and the first five pages of your manuscript (or a synopsis) by January 15th. I’ll review all the entries, looking for the person I think would gain the most benefit from this prize, and the ultimate winner will be announced, here, on January 30th. Best of luck! (And don’t worry, there will be an email detailing this heading out to the winners shortly.)

Happy Holidays!

Winter Afternoon 9 by Eirian-Stock

All right, everyone, the time has come for me to disappear for a couple weeks. It happens every year, so don’t worry, I’ll be back with lots of new content, including more posts on editing, writing, publishing, art, and the martial arts. I even have a few (hopefully awesome) surprises in store, provided I can make them work. But in the meantime, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Your continued support of all my efforts is greatly appreciated. 🙂

To prove it, I’m giving away what is arguably one of my more ambitious prizes — a self-publisher’s dream package. It was announced a few weeks ago, but you still have time to enter. And because I’m never one to make people hunt for information, here’s the rundown one more time:

One lucky person will win the following . . .

  • A comprehensive, top-to-bottom, full manuscript edit (including structural & line edits)
  • A polished, publish-ready eBook cover design (provided by the talented Ashley Ruggirello of Cardboard Monet)
  • Assistance creating the all-important book blurb
  • A final proofread of the type-set, ready-for-print galley (typesetting/formatting itself is not included though)

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Here’s what you have to do to win:

Round One: Currently Happening

Starting right now, you can enter to win via the Rafflecopter form. Simply fill out the various possibilities, and your name will be added to the hat. Enter as many times as you’d like until the form closes at midnight on January 2nd, 2015.  On January 3rd, I will select 100 names at random via Rafflecopter’s handy little service. Those lucky people will move on to round two. (And yes, they will be announced on the blog, so you’ll all know who to congratulate.)

Round Two: Starts Jan. 3rd, 2015

This is where the competition gets a little fierce. The 100 winners will be required to submit a query, along with the first 5 pages of their manuscript, via email. (Specific instructions will be sent to the winners on the appropriate date.) I will review them all, and much like an acquisitions editor, I will select the final winner based both on potential and the quality of your pitch. I’ll be looking for the person I think will gain the most value from our help, so your manuscript definitely doesn’t have to be perfect yet, but it does need to be complete. Also, I will consider novellas, but not short stories.

My final decision will be made by January 30th, 2015, and the lucky winner will be announced. So sharpen those pitches, people. Make it so I absolutely have to pick you.

Good luck, and happy holidays! 🙂

Image by Ashley Ruggirello of Cardboard Monet


Slightly Damaged Books, Free to Good Home

Well, I finally received my shipment of  Fairly Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After hardcovers yesterday. Yes, hardcovers, as in the edition exclusive to the REUTS Publications website. I ordered extras with the intent of showcasing them around Portland, but unfortunately, USPS had other ideas. I don’t know what happened to this poor box, but it must have fallen off at least one truck and narrowly escaped the jaws of the Mail-room Monster. It arrived on my doorstep in a mangled, barely-held-together-with-packing-tape, sad little pile. So I think you can guess what that meant for the precious cargo inside.

Yep, all but one copy were damaged. I cried. Okay, maybe not outwardly, but I did shed a tear on the inside. Some of the copies were salvageable, but a few were beyond what I would feel comfortable charging money for. Which brings us to today’s post. Not one to waste books (because that’s sacrilege — SACRILEGE, I tell you!), I’ve decided to offer the four worst offenders to anyone willing to give them a good home. Yes, they’re a little rough around the edges; yes, they’re not the pure-bred version we would have preferred, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be loved. The interiors are pristine. It’s only the spine that got a little munched on. See? I’ll show you:

Image of damaged copies

Another angle of damaged copies

So, whaddya say? Want to give these little guys some place safe and warm? Turn my disappointment into your boon and enter to win here. I’ll choose four winners tomorrow morning and will ship them out by the end of next week. (US only, I’m afraid. Sorry!)

And don’t forget about the other fantastic giveaway currently running here at Nightwolf’s Corner, where you could win a full manuscript edit and custom cover design! That one’s located here; go enter. Seriously! It’s a ridiculous prize and someone’s going to be very lucky when they win it.

An Index of Editing Posts

I’m not feeling especially well this week, so the post I had planned will have to be postponed until next Friday, unfortunately. But I did manage to do some minor reorganizing in the various categories available here at Nightwolf’s Corner. Given my new (this is a relative term, since obviously, it’s been about two years now) identity as Editorial Director for REUTS Publications, as well as my freelance editing career, I’ll be focusing more on posts pertaining to that — tips, tricks, life as an editor snark-fests, that sort of thing. Which means, I’ve now created a special category dedicated to all things editing. (Next week’s post will fall under this new header, actually, and will feature a break-down of the various editorial jobs in the world of fiction publishing.)

In case you’re curious as to what I currently offer by way of editing-related posts, here’s a quick index:

The second new category, for those of you astute enough to notice, is for the contests. I have two annual giveaways I like to do, and rather than clog up the previous category they were under, they’ll now be available under their own heading. Most of them will be closed by the time you peruse them, but they will at least give you a sense of when I do them, and what I tend to giveaway.

Speaking of contests though, there is actually a pretty exciting one currently available. If you missed last week’s announcement, Ashley Ruggirello of Cardboard Monet and I have teamed up to offer a self-publishing author’s dream, for free:

  • A comprehensive, top-to-bottom, full manuscript edit (including structural & line edits)
  • A polished, publish-ready eBook cover design
  • Assistance creating the all-important book blurb
  • A final proofread of the type-set, ready-for-print galley (typesetting/formatting itself is not included though)

Make sure you read the rules posted in last’s week announcement, and then enter via the form! Good luck to everyone participating. 🙂