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Welcome to the home of my professional writing. Publication has been a long-standing dream of mine, and after many, many attempts and a stockpile of rejection letters that I still keep for their motivational value, (because I’m one of those people that likes to prove someone wrong when they tell me I can’t do something), these are the pieces I can proudly say made the cut.

And since I don’t believe in placeholder pages that serve solely as headers, here’s a convenient list of links broken down by category, and a smidge of info about each one. If all goes well, hopefully this list will grow much longer over the coming years.

Short Story:

This was my first successful foray into the magazine market, and graced the cover of Shelter of Daylight, Issue 1, under my maiden name of Kisa Rupp. Inspired by Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” Nightwish’s “Nemo,” and “Main Theme” by Christophe Beck from the Elektra Soundtrack, The Bardach actually started as an assignment about the origin of creativity for a college humanities class, but soon became the foundational tale for many of my flagship characters, including Nameless and the Nightwolf.

Featured in Issue 3 of Shelter of Daylight,  (also under my maiden name of Kisa Rupp), this is my personal favorite of the three shorts. Inspired by The Script’s “Breakeven” and “Spinning” by Jack’s Mannequin, Spinning is a tragic tale of love cut short, and introduces readers to the world of the Spinners — an elite group of bards with the ability to morph time.

Arguably the most popular of the three, Confessions was featured in Issue 4 of Shelter of Daylight and was the last story to be published under my maiden name of Kisa Rupp.  (I got married in October, 2010.) Inspired by Within Temptation’s “The Truth Beneath the Rose,” Confessions is a story about losing faith, told in an unconventional format more frequently seen in film. The action-oriented pacing of this piece was one of the more challenging ones I’ve done, and I’m pretty proud of the outcome. Shelter of Daylight, Issue 4, is no longer available, making the few copies I have left rare treasures indeed.


The first in a series of Urban Fantasy novels, Unmoving represents experimentation on a lot of levels. Far more complicated than anything I’ve previously worked on, it’s a multi-layered look at the idea that everyone’s granted a finite supply of karma, and what happens when that supply runs out. Inspired by The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and loosely based on “Sleeping Beauty”, Unmoving is technically still being written. However, to help motive me to finish it, I turned to the long-standing tradition of serialization, offering readers a unique and exciting way to be a part of the process. If you’re interested in learning more about the VIP First-Look Subscription, click here. And if you’re simply looking to purchase the subscription ($2.99 one time fee), click here:

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