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As part of my continuing efforts to provide content that’s both helpful and inspiring, I’ll be reviewing and/or recommending books I come across that I feel are deserving of your attention. In a marketplace inundated by titles, it’s hard to know where the gems are. I’d like to showcase the ones I stumble across, and in the process, help my fellow authors and indie publishers gain some much-needed exposure.

I’ll use my insight into storytelling to help you wade through the ocean of books out there, and promise to give honest, thoughtful opinions with only a modicum of snark. 😉

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please let me know via the contact page. I will happily accept ARCs in any form in exchange for my opinion, and will read just about anything (although I’d prefer if it were in the realm of Fiction, and preferably not Erotica). Due to my fluctuating schedule, I can’t give a flat turn-around time, but you can always inquire before sending me your book.

I’ll still be featuring those titles I’ve had the privilege of working on under my “From the Editor’s Desk” series, so make sure you check that as well. Otherwise, browse the links below and potentially discover your next favorite read! (Titles will be added as I finish reading them. You can also find my reviews on Goodreads/Amazon.)

**Disclosure Policy: unless otherwise noted, the books I review have either been purchased, or have been borrowed from my local library. I will always disclose when my review comes in exchange for an ARC in the review itself. The opinions contained in my reviews are my own, and should be viewed accordingly.**



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