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Please see my gallery for examples of each style


  • Pencil Sketch w/ Minimal Shading = $20.00
  • Pencil or Ink Sketch w/ Detailed Shading = $35.00
  • Full Color Pencil or Marker Drawing = $75.00
  • Small Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil) = $60.00
  • Medium Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil) = $85.00
  • Large Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil) = $150.00

**All Traditional Work will require additional shipping charges for the original piece;
Digital Files are included in base price**


  • Sketch (No Color) w/ Minimal Shading = $20.00
  • Sketch (Limited Color) w/ Minimal Shading =$25.00
  • Sketch (No Color) w/ Detailed Shading = $35.00
  • Sketch (Limited Color) w/ Detailed Shading =$45.00
  • Lineart, No Shading, Vector Graphic = $40.00
  • Full Colored Drawing, No Background = $65.00
  • Full Colored Drawing, Minimal Background = $80.00
  • Full Colored Drawing, Full Background = $150.00
  • Full Colored Digital Painting = $250.00

**Digital work is delivered in digital format only, unless additional charges for hard-copy delivery,
including shipping have been agreed to.**


  • Black & White Only = $10 per panel
  • Full Color = $20 per panel
  • Oversized Panels (Over 3″ x 5″) = $45.00 per panel
  • Digital Panels (Black & White) = $35.00 per panel
  • Digital Panels (Full Color) = $55.00 per panel

**These will have the longest lead times due to the nature of the projects**

(Always done via Illustrator in Vector Graphics)

  • Simple Design, 1-2 Colors = $80.00
  • Simple Design, 3-4 Colors = $120.00
  • Simple Design, 4 + Colors = $175.00
  • Complex Design, 1-2 Colors = $150.00
  • Complex Design, 3-4 Colors = $250.00
  • Complex Design, 4 + Colors = $350.00

**Please note that Logo/Graphic Design Commissions come with Commercial Rights to the image,
and often take longer than a single image to create, due to the branding considerations
and print constraints often associated with their distribution.**


These are my comfort zones, so to speak.
I’m willing to try almost anything, but these are what I’ll be strongest in.

  • Female Characters
  • Animals
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Creatures
  • Martial Arts/Action Poses


  • Graphic Violence & Gore
  • Pornographic or Sexual Scenes above a PG Rating
  • Fan Art
  • Manga or Anime Style (Sorry, not my thing)
  • Horror, Macabre, or anything Fetish related


Send me an email via the Contact Page detailing your request as much as possible. If I feel comfortable with accepting your commission, I will respond with a Service Agreement. I always work under contract, so please don’t ask for anything else.

The contract details not only how much my rate is, plus the payment terms (I generally require a non-refundable down payment up front), but also which rights I’m entitled to keep and which I am relinquishing. (There are additional fees for things like Expedited Delivery Times, Special Delivery Instructions and Exclusive Rights, which will be negotiated during the initial discussion phase.)

I base all of my commission pricing on the time it takes me to complete an image. Essentially you will be paying me $10/per hr for any of the above categories. But beyond that, there are no limitations to what the image contains–ie how many characters, how big it is, etc. Any limitations of those kinds are listed in the pricing structure. Everything else is flexible.

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, I will begin working. I will create several sketchs for you to choose from (which is what the non-refundable down payment is paying for). Once a final sketch has been chosen, I will proceed with the final image, which will then be delivered per the terms agreed on. More details on this exact process are contained within the Service Agreement, but feel free to ask for more information via Email.

One final note: Unless Exclusive Rights are purchased, I always reserve the right to publicly display and/or merchandise commissioned images. Copyright stays with me, and unless specifically determined beforehand, commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY (Logo/Graphic Design Commissions are the only exception).

Thank you for your interest in my work!


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