Slightly Damaged Books, Free to Good Home

Well, I finally received my shipment of  Fairly Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After hardcovers yesterday. Yes, hardcovers, as in the edition exclusive to the REUTS Publications website. I ordered extras with the intent of showcasing them around Portland, but unfortunately, USPS had other ideas. I don’t know what happened to this poor box, but it must have fallen off at least one truck and narrowly escaped the jaws of the Mail-room Monster. It arrived on my doorstep in a mangled, barely-held-together-with-packing-tape, sad little pile. So I think you can guess what that meant for the precious cargo inside.

Yep, all but one copy were damaged. I cried. Okay, maybe not outwardly, but I did shed a tear on the inside. Some of the copies were salvageable, but a few were beyond what I would feel comfortable charging money for. Which brings us to today’s post. Not one to waste books (because that’s sacrilege — SACRILEGE, I tell you!), I’ve decided to offer the four worst offenders to anyone willing to give them a good home. Yes, they’re a little rough around the edges; yes, they’re not the pure-bred version we would have preferred, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be loved. The interiors are pristine. It’s only the spine that got a little munched on. See? I’ll show you:

Image of damaged copies

Another angle of damaged copies

So, whaddya say? Want to give these little guys some place safe and warm? Turn my disappointment into your boon and enter to win here. I’ll choose four winners tomorrow morning and will ship them out by the end of next week. (US only, I’m afraid. Sorry!)

And don’t forget about the other fantastic giveaway currently running here at Nightwolf’s Corner, where you could win a full manuscript edit and custom cover design! That one’s located here; go enter. Seriously! It’s a ridiculous prize and someone’s going to be very lucky when they win it.


17 thoughts on “Slightly Damaged Books, Free to Good Home

  1. Ah! Thank you for this giveaway!!! I illustrated a couple of the AWESOME stories (C.C.’s up there! Looking at you!) and would love to see what they look like in the book! Not to mention see/read everything else!:-)

  2. Thank you for all your support! These books are no longer feeling like sad misfits, and I’m sure they’ll find good homes with their new owners. And since that’s what you all really care about, the four lucky people chosen by the random algorithm gods are:

    T. Treichel
    T. Haemmerle
    T. Farrell
    M. Hoehn

    I’ll send them to you next week! And for everyone else who entered, I have a post card with a discount code for any book in the REUTS library that I’ll send you. Not the same, I know, but it’s my way of showing appreciation for your appreciation. Ha!

  3. A book is a part of someone very being… There soul. All the hopes and dreams they possess. Even in it’s battered state the information, the beauty, the soul, still remains. I would be honored to possess a copy of the book. Thank you.

    • Hi Valerie,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately, these were all claimed shortly after I posted this. Please check back though, as I do giveaways and stuff periodically. I haven’t done one in a while, so it might be about time to set something up.

      Have a great day!

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