2015 Holiday Giveaway — Bookapalooza


As most of you know, I do giveaways twice a year — one in the spring (in celebration of my blog’s birthday) and one in celebration of the holidays. Which means it’s time to introduce the Holiday Giveaway for 2015! Yay!

In previous years, this has been the giveaway where things like editorial services and other goodies have been handed out, but unfortunately, I have such a backlog of projects from previous giveaways that I can’t feasibly add any more without also adding a massive dose of guilt to my already Atlas-sized ball. So this year, I’m going to do a bookapalooza giveaway instead. Below, you’ll find four different eBook bundles, categorized by genre. These are some of my favorite reads, and I’m really excited to share them with you. I would have loved to give them all away as physical copies, but shipping costs have become prohibitively expensive, and I wanted this to be open to everyone, not just to those in the US. Therefore, all books will be delivered in the digital format of the winner’s choosing.

On January 8th, 2016, I will select four winners — one for each bundle. These are some truly fantastic books, no matter which genre you select. Many have been reviewed here, so feel free to locate them in the archives if you want to see my opinions in detail. Otherwise, I’ll leave you to peruse the titles up for grabs before sending you off to enter via the link at the end. Happy shopping!

(Note: each set of books contains a mix of YA & NA, so I would say these are appropriate for age 16+. Some contain swearing, some contain sexual situations, and several contain both, so be advised. 😉 )

The Four Options



Dark Fantasy:

Science Fiction:

Got your favorites picked out? Good. Now go enter!



12 thoughts on “2015 Holiday Giveaway — Bookapalooza

    • Thanks! Yes, that one’s probably my personal favorite, since I’m such a sucker for dark fantasy, but all the others are great too. There’s one of my all-time favorite books in each package, so it’s definitely a good spread. In my opinion, of course. 😉

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! My all-time favoruite book is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell because its genre-bending and quite amazing! It has a bit of everything and it just blows your mind.

    • I haven’t read that series yet, though it’s been on my TBR list forever. I might have to make sure I get to it this year. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. 🙂

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