Author Spotlight: Cait Spivey

Anyone who also follows me on Twitter already knows that I’m pretty good friends with this lovely lady. She’s a brilliant editor, an advocate for diversity in literature, and an author on the cusp of great things. She recently announced the acquisition of her New Adult High Fantasy, From Under the Mountain (to be published by REUTS Publications later this year) and released the third novella in her self-published series yesterday. So it’s been an exciting few weeks for this deserving new author. She’s also been a guest on this blog, penning the ever relevant article “Freelance Editing: What You’re Actually Paying For.”

So today, I’m kicking off a series of features to not only introduce you to someone I firmly believe you should be supporting, but to also introduce you to a series which may contain exciting news for fans of my work as well. Yes, that was a thinly veiled hint that there’s an announcement coming at the end of this post. 😉

But first, here’s a little more about Cait’s The Web series:

I See the Web (The Web #1)

I See the Web by Cait Spivey

Seventeen-year-old Erin has a lot to look forward to, even if it suddenly seems like everywhere she turns there’s a spider staring at her. She’s finally out to her friends and family, surprising exactly no one. When Dawn, the love of her tender teenage dreams, corners her in the library, a whole new world opens up to Erin. From here on out, it’s all make-out sessions with her beautiful girlfriend in rooms stacked high with books.
Until the spiders start whispering.

Turns out the spiders aren’t just stalking her for kicks. They need her to be their voice, their vessel, whatever that means. But their timing is crap, because there’s no way Erin is giving up her human life just when things are starting to get amazing. Too bad the spiders just won’t quit. Like it or not, Erin will have to choose, and it won’t be nearly as easy as she thinks.

A Single Thread (The Web #2)

A Single Thread by Cait Spivey

It’s been two weeks since Morgan Fletcher’s little sister, Erin, disappeared before his eyes in a flurry of spidersilk and blood. Probability says she’s dead; but when Erin comes to him in a dream, Morgan’s eyes are opened to a level of reality where probability doesn’t mean jack. His sister sees the web of time, and she’s got news for him: trouble is coming.

A cryptic riddle and flashing images of the future are all Morgan has to go on in order to save a mystery boy from a gruesome death. That’s if he even believes what’s happened to Erin. Is her spider-whisperer persona for real, or has his grief at losing her caused him to totally crack?

With a life at stake, Morgan isn’t taking any chances. Madness or no madness, he has to solve Erin’s riddle before it’s too late.

The Ties Eternal (The Web #3) — JUST RELEASED

The Ties Eternal by Cait Spivey

Seventeen-year-old Miranda Wolford was born Deaf, though it took her years to realize it. She thought everyone could hear the cacophony of voices that surrounded her—but those voices belong to the dead, and they are the only things Miranda can hear.

When a ghost leads Miranda to a missing child and his murderer, she tries to enlist the police; but between the communication barrier and the insane story, she can’t make them understand.

The murderer is on the loose. To stop them, Miranda will have to take matters into her own hands.


Intriguing, aren’t they? I had the privilege of seeing the third one during it’s pre-published phase, and I can tell you it’s amazing. But I’ll go into greater detail on all three of them later — as I mentioned, this is the first in a series of posts. The rest will consist of reviews for each of the three titles listed above. If you’d like to join me and read along, simply click on the covers to be taken to Amazon’s listing for each.

Which brings us to the announcement portion of today’s post. Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Here you go!

From This Calligraphy (The Web #4) — COMING SOON

By Cait Spivey

With Kisa Whipkey

Yep, you read that right! I’m honored to announce that Cait has invited me to be her co-author for the fourth novella in the series. I can’t reveal much about it yet, except to say that it will feature a collision of Cait’s universe with my own from A Symphony of Synchronicity Series, and it promises to be an interesting, dark, and twisted sort of ride.

I’m beyond thrilled about this project and hope you’ll all stick around to see how it plays out. And, for those already excited by this news, you now have even more reason to read the previous books. Though they will not be required reading — each novella does stand alone — you want to help me thank Cait for this amazing opportunity by supporting her, right? Right?

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Stay tuned for my reviews of the first three Web novellas, as well as release updates regarding the fourth, and remember, you still have one week left to enter my Blogiversary giveaway! Don’t miss out.


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