Introducing Two New Features (of Interest to Writers)

Some of the observant out there may have already noticed a couple new additions to the site. But those who don’t regularly stalk my online hub of awesome may not be aware yet. So, here’s your handy little announcement. (Listen up, writers! I think you’ll find what I’m about to say especially interesting. ;))

The first new addition is an expansion of my freelance editing menu. I understand that hiring a freelance editor can be extremely expensive, and that sometimes, you simply don’t have the budget for that. So, in the interest of assisting authors, I’ve created a few (more cost effective) options. You can check out the full details of everything I offer here. But these are the new items, what I’m calling the Misc. Editorial Goodies:

  • Back Cover/Query Blurb: $50 (eARC of entire manuscript required)

Whether you’re a self-published author who loathes writing jacket copy, or a querying author searching for the perfect hook, I can help. With a background in film, and experience as an acquisitions editor, I have the insight to help you make your blurb shine.

  • Reader Report: $200-$500 (depending on page count)

Curious what reviewers/acquisitions editors think when they read your story? Here’s your chance to find out. Using my talents as a developmental editor, I’ll read your work and analyze it from top to bottom, providing you with an in-depth response that will help you refine your work and possibly even land that elusive publishing offer. 😉

  • First Chapter Polish: $0.02 per word

Are you querying and would really just love to make your first chapter sing? Then this is the option for you. Let me guide you to the strongest opening chapter for your book. Because, as we all know, first impressions are everything. Why not make a good one? (Includes content/line edits and proofreading on the first chapter only.)

  • Technical Martial Arts Fight Scene Editor: $75-$150 (depending on number of fight scenes)

This is perhaps the most unusual item on the menu, but it’s one I think many of you could find valuable. Capitalize on my 15+ years of martial arts experience and championship-winning choreography skills. Let me help your fight scenes be dynamic, and most importantly, believable. Whether you just want the seal of approval, or need a little assistance in figuring out the logistics of a fight, I’m your girl. (Requires full disclosure of the entire manuscript, but I will only offer critique and advice on the fights specifically, including adjustments to the choreography, as well as the standard editorial assistance.)

Interesting stuff, yes?

The second addition to my site is a new section for book reviews. As part of my continuing efforts to provide content that’s both helpful and inspiring, I’ll be reviewing and/or recommending books I come across that I feel are deserving of your attention. In a marketplace inundated by titles, it’s hard to know where the gems are. I’d like to showcase the ones I stumble across, and in the process, help my fellow authors and indie publishers gain some much-needed exposure.

I’ll use my insight into storytelling to help you wade through the ocean of books out there, and promise to give honest, thoughtful opinions with only a modicum of snark. 😉

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please let me know via the contact page. I will happily accept ARCs (in any form) in exchange for my opinion, and will read just about anything (although I’d prefer if it were in the realm of Fiction, and preferably not Erotica). Due to my fluctuating schedule, I can’t give a flat turn-around time, but you can always inquire before sending me your book.

I’ll still be featuring those titles I’ve had the privilege of working on under my “From the Editor’s Desk” series, so make sure you check that as well. Otherwise, click on the book review link above and potentially discover your next favorite read!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I’m pretty excited about these new features and hope you are as well. If you’d like to see even more awesome added to the site, please feel free to send me suggestions! 🙂


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