Nightwolf’s Corner Birthday Giveaway–Year 2

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Birthday Celebration” by Cédric Boismain
Copyright 2013


Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I like to do giveaways twice a year as a way of thanking you for your support. And after the heavy content of last week’s post, it seemed like the perfect time to announce one. Plus, it’s that time of year again — blogiversary time. Technically, my blog turns two (let’s hope blogs don’t suffer the terrible two’s!) on May 2nd. But we’re going to start the celebration a bit early. Because that’s just how I roll. Birthdays are a big deal, right?

So what kind of fabulous goodies do I have hidden up my sleeves? The kind that should make all the bibliophile’s out there swoon with joy — free books. That’s right, some lucky people (number of winners will depend on the number of entries I receive) will get their choice (in their preferred reading method) of the amazing books I’ve worked on over the past year. Which might those be? Well, lets have a look:


The Prize Options:

Cover Image for A Foundation in Wisdom

A Foundation in Wisdom by Robert Loyd Watson

History repeats itself. This is what I taught, and always believed. Then I met Sheridan, a man hitchhiking down the highway without a care in the world – a lonely figure who told me history, and the world, was ending. His evidence was the story of a mathematician who tried to prove the world didn’t exist.

It was a silly proposition. Nobody can prove the world doesn’t exist. But as I became more convinced Sheridan was right, that the proof lay at the edge of reality, I could only wonder, where would we go?

(An intellectual Fantasy, A Foundation in Wisdom is available in eBook or Paperback)


Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne

Echoes of Balance by Cally Ryanne

For Chloe Moraine, fighting wild bears — and the occasional vampire — is a better pastime than the tediousness of keeping the universe in balance. But balancing is the family business. It comes with being one of the last in the ancient line of Naimei.

So when the impending return of the Original Demons threatens global harmony, Chloe is obligated to help. Even when that means the dull-as-dirt task of following a human girl who “might be involved, maybe,” instead of the thrilling hunt she craves.

With their powerful magic and ancient Ways, Chloe’s family is unconcerned, certain they’ll quickly fix the imbalance while she’s preoccupied with human high school. But when the Ways start to fail, the threat becomes more serious, and the only person that seems to know anything is a debonair vampire with an offer to help.

If Chloe chooses to trust him, and the darker side of the supernatural he represents, she’ll betray her family and risk losing them, and herself, in the process. But if he’s right, he may just be their only chance to stop the return of the Originals and save the world.

Maybe high school won’t be so boring after all.

(A YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Echoes of Balance is available in eBook or Paperback)

Cover Art for "Dracian Legacy" by Priya Kanaparti

Dracian Legacy by Priya Kanaparti

At seventeen, Ren Pernell knows the meaning of tragedy.

But then, a year after losing her parents, Axel Knight walks through the door and changes everything. Strange creatures start to appear, her best friend suddenly finds her irresistible, and an undeniable, unexplainable bond with Axel threatens to drive her insane. She knows he’s the key. There’s something he’s not sharing, and she’s determined to find out.

Demanding answers, she finally learns the truth: everything she ever believed is an illusion. Caught in a centuries-old blood feud between races she never knew existed, Ren discovers her true destiny. She’s the chosen one, the Echo, preordained to end the bloodshed.

There’s just one catch –- in order to save those she loves and a homeland she’s never seen, she’ll have to die.

With the clock running out, she’ll have to navigate a new world of betrayal, lies and deceit. If she can forgive, finding love even in the darkest places, she just might be able to escape the prophecy. But how much is she willing to sacrifice for a cause she didn’t know she was part of? And what will it take for her to be free?

**Content Note: This is classed as a YA, but parents should be aware that the content, in my opinion, is appropriate for 16+ years. There’s nothing too explicit, but it does contain swearing, discussions about sex, and steamy make-out sessions that will leave adults looking for a cold shower.**

(A YA Paranormal Romance, Dracian Legacy is available in eBook or Paperback. The Paperback version contains additional bonus material and will be signed by the author.)

A Need So Insatiable by Cecilia Robert

A Need So Insatiable by Cecilia Robert

“You’ve owned me from the moment I walked into that music room. You’ve wrapped yourself in my heart and mind. I can’t get you out. I don’t want to.” ~ Rafael Van Rees

Sophie Fisher’s life is on fire. If she’s not ducking around corners or slipping out of windows to escape the debt collectors her father’s death has left knocking on her door, she’s dealing with her rebellious, fifteen-year-old sister, Lilli. And, as if that’s not enough, Rafael Van Rees crashes into her life—literally—bringing with him a past the public has no idea of. Can she unravel his mysteries before he unravels her, or will his presence finally force her to face the demons she’s trying to outrun?

Rafael Van Rees prides himself on being in control of his destiny, music and women. As far as he is concerned, his past is a black cloud in the distance–until he meets Sophie, that is, and his world spins out of control in more ways than one. He knows the darkest sins and secrets eventually reveal themselves, but when it comes to Sophie, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her from his past. Even if it kills him.

**Content Note: Contains mature content — swearing, violence, sex — that is appropriate for 18+ years.**

(A NA Romantic Suspense, A Need So Insatiable is available in eBook or Paperback. The Paperback hasn’t been released just yet, so if chosen, there may be a brief delay.)

A Soul to Take  by Emily Taylor

A Soul to Take by Emily Taylor

Dying is the least of Elixia’s worries.

The world has changed. Demons are no longer legend, but part of life, integrated into our society . . . or so the Government claims. Things are never that simple, though, and neither side favors the new union. Agent Elixia Albelin knows the dark nature of demons firsthand, and will do everything in her power to protect the innocent from their wrath.

But when a mission from the Agency goes sour, Elixia finds herself in a predicament. Murdered, with her last living family-member kidnapped, her only hope is an offer from the very thing she despises: a demon. It’s no ordinary demon offering the contract, though, and his motive for such a deal is unclear. But if she’s to discover the truth and save her sister, she must commit the greatest taboo for an Agent:

Sell her soul.

Now, Marked and shackled to the terms of the contract, she must try to uncover the mystery of her sister’s abduction before her new “owner” comes to claim what is his. Her past may hold answers, but what happens when her investigation finds something far more sinister? Something not even the demons can condone?

**Content Note: Contains swearing, graphic violence, and sexual situations. Appropriate for 17+ years.**

(A NA Paranormal Romance w/ elements of Dark Fantasy and Steampunk, A Soul to Take will be released 4/29/14 in eBook & 5/13/14 in Paperback.)


Unmoving Cover Image

Unmoving by Kisa Whipkey

Derek Richards renounced his humanity after losing the woman he loved in a horrific car accident. Like flipping a switch, he turned off his non-cynical emotions –- including compassion and empathy –- and closed himself off from the world. But, three years later, his callous disregard has finally caught up to him.

After watching his current fling angrily storm out, he meanders through the streets of Portland to his favorite spot –- a park bench by the river. His peace and quiet is interrupted by a homeless woman, and he quickly finds himself entangled in a confrontation where money isn’t the only change at stake.

Now, literally turned to stone, he realizes karma’s giving him a second chance. Like Ebeneezer Scrooge minus the helpful ghosts, he has to relive all his bad decisions –- every selfish, incorrect choice he’s ever made –- and reevaluate his life. If he can’t find a way to redeem himself, he’ll spend eternity as a statue. But after what he’s done, maybe he deserves it.

(An Urban Fantasy, Unmoving is currently only available in serialized form. Winners choosing this prize will be enrolled in my VIP First-Look Subscription program.)

Excited yet?

Here’s how it’ll work — the giveaway will run from now until Midnight on May 1st, at which time I’ll let Rafflecopter’s Random Winner Algorithm draw some names from the proverbial hat. The number of names is entirely up to you guys. For every 100 entries I receive, I’ll add another chance to win. So tell your friends, bribe some people, or enter multiple times yourself. 😉

Until then, let’s bust out the confetti and champagne, and get this party going! Click here to enter:

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2 thoughts on “Nightwolf’s Corner Birthday Giveaway–Year 2

  1. Seriously, you are killing me Kisa! So many tiltes and so many choices! Happy bloganiversary and thank you for the giveaway!!

    More helpful posts about the publishing life and even giveaays for the next year! 😉 Thank you!! XD

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