Writing Workshop Alert: Have You Scene It?

I’m still winding down from Camp Nano, so this week’s post will be short, but sweet. I wanted to take this opportunity (while I try to stop twitching from energy drink withdrawals) to let you know about a fantastic workshop full of opportunities over at Ink in the Book. The lovely ladies behind that blog are hosting a scene writing workshop entitled, Have You Scene It? If you’ve ever wondered about the secret recipe for creating scenes that really pop, then head on over and find out.

For the last week, they’ve been posting lessons on the 6 elements needed to really make a scene sparkle. (Yes, I’m a little late with my announcement, but you can look past that, right?) They’ve covered everything from setting, goal and motivation, to emotion. There’s even a guest post on conflict and tension written by little old me.  (For those of you who don’t write, but are fans of my work, there’s a sneak peek of The Bardach revamp included in that post. So you may still want to check it out. I must warn you though, the excerpt’s incredibly brief. Like only a few paragraphs brief. Still, you can get a taste of what to expect when the story is re-released in all it’s new and improved glory some undisclosed, distant date in the future. 😛 )

Even if you feel like you’ve fully mastered the secret formula for scene awesomeness, there’s still plenty of reasons to meander your way through cyber-space to Ink in the Book. Today, they’re hosting a Q & A session with industry professionals, including myself. Next week, you’ll be able to actually submit a sample scene of your own for peer review/critique and possibly win a mini-mentorship from those same professional editors, agents and authors. And lastly, the workshop will conclude on Aug 9th with a pitch opportunity for those of you with completed manuscripts in need of a home. The Acquisitions team from REUTS Publications will be there scouting for excellent YA/NA manuscripts, so this is definitely not something to miss!

Whether you want to learn, pick the brains of industry professionals, gain insight into your work’s strengths and weaknesses or jump on the chance to pitch your book to a captive audience of agents and editors, show some love to the Ink in the Book ladies. I’ll be there the entire workshop, along with my fellow REUTS Publications senior staff members– Ashley and Jessica– and we’d love if you came by and said hi! 🙂

And don’t worry, I promise I’ll be back next week with something snarky. Until then, I’ll see you at the workshop!


4 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Alert: Have You Scene It?

  1. Wish I had known about this last week, but just in time while I wrap up revisions to the August riddle. I’m looking forward to reading the revamp one day! You’ll have to let me know when/where it is published.

    • I know, I’m sorry. I was a bit of a slacker in getting the information out. 😦

      But the good news is that there’s no registration, so you can still swing by and join in if you want. The lessons are all pretty short, so it would be easy to catch up. And next week starts all the really fun stuff, so it’d still be worth your while!

      I will definitely announce when I finally have something releasing! No need to worry about that. I’ll be so ecstatic that I actually managed to complete anything, I’m sure I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. Maybe even literally. Right now, my plan is to self-publish it. But you never know, I may see if I can find a magazine willing to take it. Either way, I promise to keep you posted. 🙂

      How goes your work on Book 2 of An Orthogonal Universe?

      • I’ll keep an eye out for it, then. 🙂

        I’m guessing I’m about 10,000 – 15,000 words away from finishing the “first” draft. Out of 46 chapters, I have 8 left. Some of those will be pretty short, too, since they’re at the end where things tend to move more quickly.

        I think I can make my goal of finishing the draft before I go back to work – 2 1/2 weeks, where does time go? The celebration will be short-lived, though, since I’ve already earmarked a few chapters that will need an extensive overhaul.

      • Awesome! I look forward to reading it! You kind of left me hanging at the end of A Foundation in Wisdom; I’m dying to know what happens next. 😉

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