Two Steps Closer Giveaway

If you’ve ever considered self-publishing, then you know the two most expensive things you should invest in, (according to all the self-publishing gurus out there), are editing and cover design. But what if you don’t have the funds?

Or maybe you’re thinking of pursuing traditional publication, and would like to have an editor’s opinion on whether or not your manuscript’s ready. Do you really want to pay a freelance editor’s wage for that?

Maybe you’ve already had your book torn apart and pieced back together by a professional and you’re just missing the cover to complete the package.

Whatever your circumstance, listen up.

The folks over at REUTS Publications are generously donating their time to two lucky winners. One will win a full-scale editorial critique from Editor Kisa Whipkey. (Hey look! It’s me! :P) The other will win a custom, print-ready cover design by Creative Director Ashley Ruggirello. And the best part is, there are no strings attached. You get professional-grade services without the contract.

All you need to enter is a Facebook account and a finished manuscript. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity, no? For more information on how to enter, click here.

The giveaway runs until midnight on March 25th, 2013. Don’t miss out! Let the REUTS team help you get “Two Steps Closer” to publication.

Designed by REUTS Creative Director Ashley Ruggirello, 2013

Designed by REUTS Creative Director Ashley Ruggirello, 2013

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