The Nuances of Storytelling

What Do I Know About It?

Blogging. I always swore it would be one trend that I wouldn’t follow. I didn’t have anything of value to say, nor did I want to dedicate the time it would take to regularly maintain such worthless ramblings. But now that everyone and their brother has joined the world of online diaries, I find myself bitten by the blog-bug. And here I am. Blogging.

So what changed? Why, now, do I suddenly feel like I have something to say? Because, in short, I do.  Because I can’t die having been nothing more than a Secretary. (I will seriously have to come haunt the world just so I can feel like I’ve done something worthwhile if that’s the case.) And because I’ve realized that maybe I have something to offer– a legacy, if you will.

What is this grand epiphany? My unique version of Storytelling. I’ve long dreamed of being a prolific author, envisioning my name on the spines of a whole shelf of books, a weighty list of “Other Works By” printed on the inside page of every one. But I’ve also dreamed, for nearly as long, of being an animator, breathing life into images that leave an audience grinning in kid-like wonder. And then, a small, semi-secret part of me, has often wished to be a famous choreographer, but since I took Martial Arts instead of Dance, this manifested in a successful stint as Demo Team Captain/Creator. All of these separate identities, as it were, led me to realize that this strange concoction of experiences– one part writer, one part artist, one part martial arts instructor, made up one rather interesting creative persona. Simply, Storyteller.

Whatever the medium I found myself dabbling in, the goal was always the same– to tell an entertaining story that allowed my audience to escape the real world for a little while. I even earned a degree in it. Video Game Design is definitely a field devoted to reality escapism. But I promptly turned my back on that flash-in-the-pan career choice, taking my hefty burden of student loans and returning to my roots of writing alongside a shaky foray into the world of Freelance Art. All the while, learning to define myself not by the medium I worked in, but by my ever present goal– telling a good story.

Which brings us to now, and this blog. My thesis, if you want to call it that, for this experiment in public journal writing, is to offer the secrets I’ve gleaned about my particular blend of storytelling; a creature rooted in the visual, inherently cinematic workings of my brain. All while keeping the bitter tirades to a minimum. Or not. Depends on the day. Angst-filled Cynicism is one of my specialties, after all.

Am I an expert? Not even close. Do I have something that can help you anyway? I’d like to think so.  So whether you choose to follow me because you find me interesting and/or entertaining, or because you feel obligated by knowing me, or because you’ve been bribed by someone who knows me, I hope you’ll enjoy the ride. It will likely be filled with thoughts ranging from constructive tips to frustrated ramblings about writing, art, martial arts, and maybe even a few thoughts on my supposed certified field– video games. (I should probably use that expensive piece of paper for something, right?)  I can’t guarantee that everything I write here will be a gem of wisdom, but somewhere in there, you might just find something unique and worth the trouble of reading for.

Welcome to Nightwolf’s Corner. Stay awhile. Let’s see where the journey takes us.


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